Thinking about Moving? Quick checklist for a Strategic Real Estate Plan

When thinking about moving tenants must remember to think about the following tasks:

Purpose of this move? Grow, Reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies?

Location, building size, lease term, number of buildings.

Type of building needed? Cross-dock, high-clear, outside storage, parking.

Timeline – Critical planning budgets

Identify and/or create ideal facility candidates and opportunities (Include possible incentives)

Identify ideal structure – lease vs purchase

Remaining in the existing location vs the off site acquisition

Facility coordination and management

Systems and building design

Facility Construction

Equipment delivery and installation

Systems Integration

Move coordination

McGowan is an independent, unbiased advisor. We help tenants develop and refine strategic, financial and operational real estate requirements. What makes us unique is that we can deliver the corporate services required to complete a requirement but we also understand how capital drives the equation for the landlord and tenant. Whether we are providing users with advice on acquisitions, disposals, renewals, relocations, consolidations, or capital, our detailed knowledge of real estate and capital markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities create meaningful solutions for our clients. Please contact us if we can be of service. You can find more details at [email protected]

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