The Corporate Real Estate Department makes plans and manages activities that have strategic implications.   It makes sense that CRE and the C-suite would collaborate to maximize corporate flexibility.  Much like the finance function, if CRE lacks input into corporate strategy development, the strategy could be expensive and slow to implement, not to mention limited in the extent of its potential benefit to the shareholders.  McGowan is an independent, unbiased advisor. We help tenants develop and refine strategic, financial and operational real estate requirements. What makes us unique is that we can deliver the corporate services required to complete a requirement but we also understand how capital drives the equation for the landlord and tenant.   Whether we are providing users with advice on acquisitions, disposals, renewals, relocations, consolidations, or capital, our detailed knowledge of real estate and capital markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities create meaningful solutions for our clients.

Strategic Tenant Representation  

  • Strategy development
  • Purchasing a new facility
  • Expanding existing site
  • Subleasing excess space
  • Build-to-suit planning
  • Logistic/distribution services
  • Worldwide market analysis
  • Cost of occupancy analysis 
  • Demographic analysis 
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Site consolidation

Requirement Development

  • Location
  • Size
  • Lease Term
  • Number of Buildings
  • Type (cross-dock, high-clear, outside storage, etc.) 
  • Budget (including other costs opex, transportation)
  • Timeline Survey of Market (On and off market) 
  • Incentives 
  • Lease vs. Purchase Analysis
  • Leasing a new facility 
  • Renewing an existing lease

Real Estate Portfolio Management

  • Lease Abstraction
  • Corporate Relocations & Expansions
  • Marketing property for lease or sale
  • M&A
  • Examining the value of property 
  • Portfolio Due Diligence and Restructuring
Lease Abstraction
Creation of an abstract report of your leases with a summary of financial and legal lease terms including amendments, exhibits, and schedules.

Lease Administration
Cloud based comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use real estate and lease management software solution that makes it easy to know what your leases say, how much they cost, and when they need attention. It enables companies to control, report, track, and manage owned and leased real estate and make better decisions on leases and related information.

Lease Audits
Our seasoned team of lease audit experts understand the sensitivity of the landlord/tenant relationship and perform these audits on a contingency fee basis so there is minimal out of pocket cost.