SIOR Broker Network

McGowan founded the SIOR Independent Broker Group in May 2011 in order to enhance national industrial information flow and best practices.    45% of SIORs are with independent firms.  Independent Brokers are often the best of the best – surviving and thriving outside the larger firms – only able to do so because they are extremely talented.  The SIOR IBG's mission is to create and sustain a network of highly qualified, independent SIOR brokers across the world to collaborate, share information and enhance business opportunities for its members.   This group continues to gain strength and influence in the industrial real estate community.

What is an SIOR?  An SIOR is an industrial or office specialist who:

Has more than 5 years in the business, and is likely the first one in the office and the last one out.
  • Is often the top producer.
  • Is respected by the industry for a high level of expertise and impeccable ethical standards.
  • Completed a number of multi-market transactions utilizing the skills offered by 2,800 members covering 590 markets in 25 countries.
  • Completed 83,500 transactions totaling 3.64 billion square feet last year (an average of close to 30 deals per member).
  • Annually on average closes 30 deals and 1.05M SF in leases and sales than 78,000 transactions annually.
SIOR is the leading industrial and office real estate brokerage association. SIOR confers the SIOR designation to only the most knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, and successful commercial real estate brokerage specialists. The Society of Industrial REALTORS (SIR) was established in 1940. In WWII SIR was instrumental in locating existing, and immediately available, plant space. In 1986 the Society of Industrial Realtors (SIR) became the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR). From humble and patriotic beginnings, SIOR has grown into a global organization representing nearly 35 countries.
  • 3,000 Members
  • 2,800 brokers hold the SIOR designation (1,700 Industrial, 1,100 Office)
  • 200 Associate Members
  • Developers, Financial Institutions, & Commercial Real Estate Organizations
  • 55% of SIORs are with global & national firms or networks.

Our clients congregate their distribution centers nationally around the 5 major industrial markets which are served by roughly 20 institutional landlords. Thus a knowledge of tenant and landlord action and movement in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and New Jersey has tremendous value for our corporate client decision making process.

If you have a requirement anywhere, contact us.

The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors maintains and promotes a professional designation of the highest quality for the benefit of its members and their clients.  The professional designation stands unchallenged for excellence in performance and is universally recognized as the prerequisite in the selection of a commercial real estate service provider.