Industrial Land

McGowan is an industry expert when it comes to complex land transactions.  Whether it is raw land or the acquisition of parcels within a subdivision, McGowan is unique in that he has completed two of the largest industrial land deals in two states, Idaho (87 acres for Winco Foods a grocer) and West Virginia (400 acres for a chemical plant).   Both sales were multi-year processes involving the project management of engineering and significant offsite improvements including roads, rail, and utilities.  In addition this process included dealing with state agencies for incentives and cultural artifact analysis.

In both cases McGowan was charged with executing a land search in secrecy for the client and dealing directly as the company representative with the landowners and the top levels of government.   

Services Offered:
  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Property acquisitions and dispositions
  • Strategic site selection
  • Financial analysis
  • Financing/equity sources
  • Incentives
  • Economic, demographic and mapping services
  • Labor Analysis
  • Market trends and forecasts

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