E-Commerce Retail

Consumers have more choices than ever when interacting with a retailer. They buy online and attempt to return inventory to the store. Smart phones and tablets are creating a disruptions in the supply chain and the facilities required to meet this OMNI-CHANNEL demand are also evolving.  Making this highwire act that retailers are attempting even more difficult, customers armed with smartphones and take to Twitter and Facebook and berate retailers that fail to deliver customer service.   In addition customers "showroom" and wring better prices out of retailers as every purchase competes against Amazon.
An e-commerce facility is increasing automated and one developer described the latest version of e-commerce distribution facilities as a "machine with a lid on top" when a user asked for a triple layer conveyor on top of a mezzanine. Parking requirements are growing, clear heights and thus cubic storage is growing, trailer storage and power requirements are growing. Cross dock facilities are being reconsidered for single side loading buildings as ecommerce users need the parking on the backside of the building for employees and trailers.

With many retails stores planned, distribution centers must always be on the cutting edge with the latest innovations in transportation, automation, and distribution. Many of the current facilities on the market that have been built by the development community are outdated. How will 3D Manufacturing impact your supply chain? Should a retailer leveraging its retail store network to "click and collect"?

To keep up with the latest trends in retail supply chain, McGowan has attended RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference where all of the major retailers discuss both their shared and unique challenges.

Are you in danger of being "Amazoned"? Developers are reporting that the first round of Distribution Centers built by Amazon are already obsolete and their new DCs. McGowan recently completed a lease in Central Pennsylvania for a Bodybuilding.com Distribution Center.

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